Umów się na wizytę


ul. Bukowska 78/106
60-396 Poznań

Register online or via phone 10.00a.m. – 6:00p.m.
tel. +48 600 250 215

As we respect the time of all our patients, please notify us about cancelling the appointment at least 24 hours before the scheduled meeting. 

Please come around 15-20 minutes before the meeting begins, in order to comply with the formalities. 

Apart from booking the appointment on the phone, we offer a comfortable registration online – via

If you need a date of meeting which is not on the online list, please call the office, so that we can try to suit it with your preferences. 

In the interest of common safety connected with the epidemic situation, the rules of the visits are undergoing a change.


  1. On the phone, epidemiological inquiries and classification will be conducted, in order to assess the possibilities of having a meeting in the office.
  2. A patient will be asked to come alone and be punctual. Considering the safety of the patients, there will be breaks between the patients in order to minimize the interactions between patients in the waiting room. Minors, according to the Polish law, can only be examined when accompanied by the legal guardian.
  3. Before entering the office we suggest disinfecting your hands; the temperature will be measured, the patient will sign the questionnaire done on the phone. During the visit the patient is asked to be wearing a mask.
  4. The office personnel will be minimised, equipped with masks and visors.
  5. After each visit the office will be disinfected and ventilated.

New rules of performing the visits are introduced in the interest of the patients’, doctor’s and personnel’s safety. We trust they will encounter understanding and acceptance of the patients.

BEFORE THE VISIT ONLINE (videoconsulation)

  1. Write down the symptoms on paper. Think of when they appear, what their character is, if anything could have had an impact on their appearance (analyse your lifestyle, eating habits, cosmetics used).
  2. Prepare a photographic documentation of the skin conditions you come with.
  3. Prepare a list of medications that you obtained at the earlier dermatologic consultations.
  4. If recently you had your blood tested or have undergone other specialist examinations or tests, prepare their results to discuss them during the visit.
  5. Analyse if in your family there are any skin conditions or other important genetic diseases.
  6. If the problem concerns facial skin, refrain from makeup.