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Medical Dermatology Office
dr Małgorzata Mazur, M.D.

Lindon Tyler

Beauty is the feeling of comfort in your own skin. It is knowledge and acceptance of who you are.

It is my honor to provide you with dermatologic care which concentrates on the highest standards, based on the direct relation patient- doctor.

The Medical Dermatology Office was created out of the urge to allow patients to experience an empathetic, engaging, high-quality dermatologic care full of respect, and based on acquired clinical and academic experience. Treatment regiments suggested by me are confirmed by scientific research and available medical literature.

Accessibility of the office visits and video consultations provides our patients with the control over when and how often the patients are consulted, usually  without the need of waiting for long-term appointments, with a guarantee of fully individualized treatment plans. The accessibility of video consultations has expanded the office operating range, giving the possibilities of obtaining dermatologic help by the patients from various places around Poland and the world.

Having worked with patients with many skin disorders for many years now, I have often participated in their suffering, as well as observed a huge impact of the changes of the skin condition on the quality of the patients’ lives. I realised that the medical experience has to go side by side with the empathetic approach towards the ill patient, and that understanding the problems of the people with skin conditions, that are visible to the outside world, is incredibly important in the proper management and treatment of patients.

I hope that my experience and an empathetic approach to the ill will enable me to help a number of patients, as through helping others – you help yourself.

dr Małgorzata Mazur, M.D.



Specialist dermatology care
exactly when you need it


Your skin under the constant specialist control. Book a video consultation or an onsite appointment.

Video consultations allow our patients for e-visits just when they need it, without waiting for a long time, regardless of the location. Whether you are on holidays, at the seaside or in the mountains – you can now take care of your health and the condition of your skin from any place in the world. Just schedule a dermatology consultation online.

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